7 Steps to Make a Rational Medical Decision for Your Dog

Dog standing in meadow

As pet parents eventually we all have to make a decision for a loved one that cannot talk to us.  They cannot tell us what they want.

How are we supposed to know?

Often times the stress of the situation is compounded with other things happening in our life. With not enough time in the day, we find ourselves torn between the things we love.

That's why it is important to take a deep breath and try to step through a simple process so we can best help everyone.  Try this process on for size....

Step 1 - Set a Deadline

Dogs have no concept of time.  They don't understand that "dog years" means they are on this world less than humans.  They see the world in the here and now.

Decisions can only be made if there is a timeline. Things pop up and if there is no deadline, no decision gets made.

Set a realistic deadline to chose what treatment will best help your dog. Write it on your calendar.

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Step 2 - Narrow the List to Two Solid Options

So many people want to help.  You search for input from your Vet and your friends. Dr. Google gives you a thousand more options.  It can be overwhelming.

In the end, you cannot do everything. It is best to start with one thing and work from there.  

Thus you need to narrow the decision to two choices. Make sure they are very possible to do before your deadline. These are usually the most obvious choices.

Step 3 - Drop the Guilt

Guilt morphs into weird things.  We can start blaming other people for this bad situation. It makes us say things we don't really believe.

We know Veterinarians need to charge for their services and we really don't know how much it costs to run a Vet clinic. They dedicated their life to animals because they care.

This situation is not your fault.  Getting past any guilt helps you make the best decisions for your dog.

It is what it is.

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Step 4 - Make a Rational Pro/Cons List

Now that you are in a good place.  List the pros of each treatment.

Circle the most important pro in each list.

Now list your cons.  It is important to be realistic here.  Again circle the most important.

Step 5 - Remember Your Deadline

There is a great saying, "sleep on it."  No need to make a rash decision.  AND go with your gut if you still feel the same in the morning.

Take a deep breath.

If your life is pulling you in multiple directions, time is your most precious resource. Time spent mulling over a decision is time that could be used to help.

Stick to your deadline.

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Step 6 - Don't Second Guess

No one ever said to themselves "I'm going to make a dumb decision today!"

You thought this through.  You made the best decision with what information you had at that specific time.

Sometimes another option pops up later that would have been the perfect fit. IT WAS NOT AN OPTION WHEN YOU MADE THE DECISION!

Don't second guess yourself, you are a caring, thoughtful person!

Step 7 - Cherish The Present

You are stressed by this decision because you care. You care about someone that gives you love and makes your heart smile.

Don't forget to snuggle and smile every day. Cherish the present your world gave you.

Cherish it in the present!

In the end, this is your choice. You may not like making decisions, but you and only you have the power to help your furry friend.

You are a great pet parent for caring so deeply to research how to make a rational decision!

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