Dog Knee Brace Review - Dr. Michelle Beck

Michelle Beck DVM with her chocolate lab

Not sure bracing fits into your practice?

Initially a skeptic, Dr. Beck shares how her veterinary practice has grown to use bracing.

100% of my professional time is devoted to healing animals.  You could say I come by it naturally.  My father and I are both veterinarians. I took it a step further and am a certified canine rehabilitation therapist.

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Our private practice still believes surgery, with rehab, is the best way to treat orthopedic injuries. AND not all dogs can have surgery.

My first experiences withe bracing were in 2010.  Initially, I was skeptical about bracing for cranial cruciate disease (torn ACL). After bracing many patients I have found it extremely useful when used in combination with rehabilitation therapies.

I have had many cases where bracing has made a dramatic difference in a pets life.

One patient tore both CCLs in the course of two years and chose to brace one leg and rest for the other (conservative management).  While both knees are now stable, the braced knee has better range of motion and less scar tissue that the knee that went unstabilized (no surgery, no brace).  I think that speaks to the biomechanics of the brace in preventing tibial thrust.

I had a 150 lb. Boerboel dog tear both cruciates within 30 minutes of each other.  He had surgery on one knee and the other knee was braced. Otherwise he would not be able to walk and he was certainly to large for his mom to carry.

I had a labrador retriever patient that lived on the second story apartment building with no elevator.  Bracing allowed her to use the stairs without pain, and she could still go for walks with her mom in downtown Omaha..  This treatment certainly made life easier for her mom!

The Brace

Honestly, I think what makes Hero Braces exceptional is their customer service. I feel like Ben, the orthotist, has a deeper understanding of the needed fit and support because he is an amputee and wears a prosthesis everyday.

I have always believed that the more empathy you can have for your patients, the higher quality care you can provide them.

The Hero Braces are very high quality and durable for all the wear and tear a dog can do. Dogs do very well with the application of the braces, and most owners do a great job monitoring the leg for  any changes from the brace.

Michelle Beck, DVM CCRT

The Ridge Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Michelle Beck DVM with her Chocolate Labrador Dog
Dr. Michelle Beck
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