The Casting/Impression, “As easy as Wrapping a Bandage?!”

Dog smelling a cast for a custom leg brace

Does the Custom Orthotic Casting Process Intimidate You?

If you really think about it, the impression process isn't much different than wrapping a bandage.  We find vet nurses excel at the process in the CE courses we teach! Check out a video of our CE course at the bottom of this blog.

Old-School Casts....Don't Make Me Cringe!

Many Doctors are hesitant to work with Orthotics because of the Casting/Impression process. Mention the word “cast” and Doctors envision an old-fashioned plaster cast that is removed with a saw.

This material was fine in its day but today is not needed for the Impression process. The fiberglass impression material currently used is easier to work with and does not require a saw for removal.  

Creating a dog’s custom knee, ankle or wrist brace is a breeze. Hero Braces has tried to simplify the process to make successful impressions a breeze.

Casting a dog's leg for a stifle brace

As easy as wrapping a bandage.

Creating the Impression for a custom brace is an easy task.  As practitioners, bandages are something we use daily. The light tension and 50% overlap used in creating a bandage are the same when creating an Impression. Patients can lie in lateral recumbency and staff use is the same. Sedation is rarely needed. The fiberglass material used in the Impression is thin and cuts easily once it cures.

I don’t have time.

We all worry about the time it takes to get tasks done. The Impression process can take as little as 15 mins. Many practices have qualified Veterinary Nurses that place bandages for their Doctors every day.  The Casting/Impression can be turned over to them as well, freeing up the Doctor to diagnose and prescribe Hero Braces as treatment for issues such as Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture, Hyperextension of the Carpus and Achilles Tendon Injuries.

Finished cast of a dog's leg for a knee brace
Finished cast of a dog's leg for a knee brace

We’ve got the tools you need.

Our impression kit comes with everything you need to complete the process and we are here to help.

  1. Stockinette to cover and protect the limb
  2. Fiberglass tape to create the impression
  3. A guarded blade knife to cut the Casting/Impression tape
  4. A grooved strip to place under the Casting/Impression tape to guard the limb and act as a cutting guide
  5. Online and in person labs to demonstrate and practice the process

Anything new can be intimidating. The Casting/Impression uses similar techniques to wrapping a bandage and is learned quickly by you and your staff. Let us help you help more pets. Call Hero Braces for a Casting/Impression kit today.

We teach casting at the University of Tennessee Canine Rehab Certificate Course. Below is a video of us teaching the casting process. Watch it to feel confident about casting.  It really is just a version of bandaging!  

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